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Scholarships for Technical Certification Programs for South Hayward Residents

The Koshland Opportunity Scholarship is a scholarship a program for the academic year 2019- 2020.

  • 20 scholarships of up to $3000 are available to cover tuition and registration fees.

  • Stipends under $600 will be considered for additional program expenses (equipment,

  • uniforms, books, transportation, etc.)

  • Applicants will be selected via Holistic Review, which allows reviewers to prioritize primary

  • focus considerations below while evaluating the entire application pool.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
Applicants to this scholarship must meet four eligibility requirements:

  1. PROGRAM TYPE: Applicants must plan to enroll in a technical certification program (Technology, Green Energy, Skilled Trades or Health Care) beginning Fall 2019.

  2. INSTITUTION : Applicant’s program of choice must be a Hayward public accredited educational institution (Chabot College, California State University East Bay Continuing Education Program, Eden Area ROP, The Hayward Adult School).

  3. SOUTH HAYWARD RESIDENT: Applicants must live in South Hayward. Preference given for residents of Jackson Triangle/ Harder Tennyson neighborhoods (defined as zip code 94544, or recent students of Hayward High or Tennyson High.)

  4. DEMONSTRATED FINANCIAL NEED: Applicant must demonstrates financial need and current or past barriers to realizing a certification program.

Relevant Certificate Programs from our Partner Institutions:

Chabot College: Certificates of Achievement

·         Advanced Manufacturing Technology
·         Architecture Technology
·         Automotive Chassis Technology
·         Automotive Maintenance Technology
·         Welding Certificate of Proficiency
·         Tool Maker
·         Software Specialist
·         Medical Assisting
·         Machinist
·         Industrial Electronic Technology
·         Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
·         Health Care Management
·         Fire Technology
·         Consumer Technology
·         Automotive Engine Performance
·         Automotive Drive Train

Contact Information:
Yvonne Craig, Director of Grants

CSU East Bay Continuing Education

Online Programs

·         Certificate in Medical Terminology
·         Certificate in Pharmacy Technician
·         Certificate in Freight Broker/Agent Training
·         Certificate in Veterinary Assistant

Programs Given at 1000 Broadway in Oakland:

·         Certificate in Construction Management
·         Certificate in EKG Technician
·         Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

Contact Information:
Jonathan Cooper: (510) 885-2321 or jonathan.cooper@csueastbay.edu

Hayward Adult School

·         Computer Repair ($45/semester)
·         Optometric Assistant (Free)

Contact Information:
(510) 293-8595

Eden Area ROP

·         Dental Assisting (and Registered DA)
·         Electrical Training
·         Medical Assisting
·         Welding Technology

Contact Information:
Craig Lang
(510) 293-2910

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